I Broke Up With My Scale

3 Years back, I was underweight. I was happy and satisfied with my life. Then suddenly, I started to gain weight. That was when I get used to checking my weight on scale every single day.

Every single morning, the first thing I used to do with my sleepy eyes was checking my weight. And the results were mostly disappointing. Every morning waking up and hoping for that 1-pound less and not always loosing that one-pound was discouraging . Continue reading “I Broke Up With My Scale”

Fitness Motivation

Before you even think about giving up, take a deep breath and ask yourself why you exactly started it..?

If today you give up, in next few weeks you will again have to start from the beginning only. Beginning is always hard. Because your body is not used to it. In a week your body will start to accept the change. Change is always good.

You are undoubtedly beautiful. You will always be perfect in your own way. No one but you can judge yourself. Continue reading “Fitness Motivation”