About Me

Hello Guys!

I am Shweta Sood, Luxury Lifestyle Blogger. You can find Fitness, Travel, Fashion, Beauty Guide and Reviews at one place. My blog is all about sharing the knowledge and Ideas without overdoing it. You can get the ratings of all the products I came across.

Punjabi Brizzle’s journey started on 31st Dec 2016. Well, Yes! It was more of like a New Year’s Resolution to start doing something I can enjoy. I started with an Instagram. The journey from an Social Media Influencer to Blogger was a Roller Coaster ride. There were many times when I actually had no idea about what to do and how?? But I kept going and today, I have a Family of 100k+ on Instagram. Thank You so much for taking out time and supporting me.

Forever Grateful,
Punjabi BrizZle