Slay The New Year’s Party In Traditional Wear

Wishing you all a Happy New Year in advance!

The New Year is around the corner and how about slaying your traditional look. Traditional suits are so amazing. One cannot just cover the lovely embroidery with the layer of sweater or coats. Slay your traditional winter look with the velvet or fur stole. The perfect way to stay cozy and classy at the same time is by wearing a suit made up of velvet or another warm fabric. I picked up the velvet suit with maroon tone.

Why velvet? Because it is soft, cozy and gives the fancy look at the same time.

I picked up a matching velvet stole, all you have to do is get the border of the stole done to make it look perfect for any occasion. You can get various number of ready-made borders in the market and this way you can transform your simple velvet fabric into a elegant stole.

I teamed it up with the golden watch and the brown sunglasses. I carried a matching maroon clutch with the golden handle and a pair of the nude ballerina to complete my look. Keep your makeup to minimal because you don’t want to loose the grace of your outfit. I left my hair open because I like it that way, you can also go for a bun if you like. But don’t forget less is more!

Sunglasses: Tod’s

Watch: RoseField Watches

The New Year’s Resolutions For Better Me

New year is the best time to be yourself but in a better way. Sometimes I look at myself and wonder I had a great work day but is that all?

Did I get a single moment to be happy? Did I even get a chance to do something for better me?

For resolutions you don’t have to make a huge list that will restrict your life for a month and so and then you will be dumping it eventually. I don’t have any such list, I am a lifestyle blogger and all I want from my new year is to peaceful and healthy. You can call me selfish but one cannot do something for others if he/she is not happy. So, this year I will be focusing on myself before I can judge the others. Continue reading “The New Year’s Resolutions For Better Me”