I Broke Up With My Scale

3 Years back, I was underweight. I was happy and satisfied with my life. Then suddenly, I started to gain weight. That was when I get used to checking my weight on scale every single day.

Every single morning, the first thing I used to do with my sleepy eyes was checking my weight. And the results were mostly disappointing. Every morning waking up and hoping for that 1-pound less and not always loosing that one-pound was discouraging .

The way your day is spoiled by one little unit on the scale is really weird and disappointing. The whole day get ruined, so is your mood.

I did my best to loose weight. I started to eat healthy, I worked out really hard and one day my hard work started to pay off. And that was the day when I started to feel motivated and it kept me going.

But when you keep on doing workout for few weeks, your results starts to slow down and again I started to let these useless units to spoil my day. But one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and I asked myself: Is it worth….???

We workout to look good and keep ourselves happy. But the way we are relying on this scale and its units is ruining our self-esteem, happiness. Is it worth….???

I have lost the extra fat I had; now neither I am underweight nor overweight. I like myself in the mirror. I fit in my old jeans. If I like myself and I fit well in my clothes, shouldn’t it be enough for me??

I was doing it for myself only not for others, or this stupid scale. I wanted to look beautiful and I wanted to feel confident. It was all about myself, then why I let this scale ruin my happiness?

It’s been weeks, when the last time I checked my weight on the scale. But I workout daily and I eat healthy. I feel good, I like myself in the mirror and I know I look Fit. That’s all I ever wanted and I am happy with that. I won’t let a scale ruin my mood. I am better than this.

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