Cheat Day Is A Myth

Cheat day is basically a day when you can take a break from your regular strict eating or exercising habits. Your body slowly gets accustomed to a specific calories intake. The cheat days act like a shock for your body, especially if you have food in quantities larger than you usually do.

Cheat day helps your body to get reintroduced to the new set of food.

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Fitness Motivation

Before you even think about giving up, take a deep breath and ask yourself why you exactly started it..?

If today you give up, in next few weeks you will again have to start from the beginning only. Beginning is always hard. Because your body is not used to it. In a week your body will start to accept the change. Change is always good.

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Strawberry Mango Smoothie 

I was looking for a healthy and tasty mocktail for the festive party and I ended up making one which is similar to margarita. I used strawberries and mango with orange juice. You can eve use yogurt, if you like it to be bit thicker.

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