Guide To Start Your Own Blog

Hey Guys!

Blogging is one the easiest way to share your ideas, views in the written manner. There are number of talented people out there, who wants to write a blog but doesn’t know how to exactly start. It is not as complicated as it seems. All you need is a passion to write. You don’t have to be professional, the key is to be yourself. Because you can be yourself and that is something unique about each one of you. I am going to help you with the setting up your own blog.

  • Select A Category: What kind of topics are you interested in? There is no category specification to be successful but all it matters is you own interest. You can even start writing about your hobby. Something you enjoy and knowing a lot about that specific category. It could be your experience, review, love for food, fashion, or anything you enjoy.
  • Blogging Platform: It is one of the major decisions, your blogging platform will decide all the themes and quality of the blog. There are various blogging websites like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. I use WordPress. You can choose as per your interests. I signed up in all the platforms and tried all before I settled for one. You can also try all to see which interface suits you the best.
  • Domain Name/Blog Name: By now, you already know about the topics you want to write about and finally, it’s the time to give your blog a nice name, a name that will represent your area of writing. It really matters a lot, so sit down for a while and think about something related to your blog because the same will be your Domain Name.
  • Be Yourself: You don’t have to write fancy to get noticed, but honesty is what actually get noticed. Don’t try to write to impress, although write what is right. Share you opinions and your experiences and you would be good.
  • Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day: If you think you will start getting the readers in a day. So, let me correct you my friend, no one gets famous in a day. It will take time, keep writing more frequently and you will be noticed, depending upon the content. Content is the only thing that matters here.

In case, you guys have some doubts, feel free to leave your queries in the comments below and I will try my best to help you out.

Good Luck!

This Winter Wear Black with a splash!

I am in love with the all black with a contrasting outerwear. Black shade is something you can keep on repeating without being noticed. Yes, this is one of the reasons to love all black. On the other hand black makes your outerwear shade pop out. Wearing an black outfit with a splash of another bright shade is always a good idea.

I am wearing a black jumpsuit with the woollen peach cape. I love the way this combination came out. You can go on and on with the different shades of an outerwear. Because trust me one can never go wrong with the black. The cape I am wearing is a simple woollen cape but the simplicity of jumpsuit made it pop out to another level. As I always say, less is more!

You can go on with black dress, black top with the black jeans or black skirt. The key is to keep it simple.

Jumpsuit: Mango

Cape: Kazo

Slay The New Year’s Party In Traditional Wear

Wishing you all a Happy New Year in advance!

The New Year is around the corner and how about slaying your traditional look. Traditional suits are so amazing. One cannot just cover the lovely embroidery with the layer of sweater or coats. Slay your traditional winter look with the velvet or fur stole. The perfect way to stay cozy and classy at the same time is by wearing a suit made up of velvet or another warm fabric. I picked up the velvet suit with maroon tone.

Why velvet? Because it is soft, cozy and gives the fancy look at the same time.

I picked up a matching velvet stole, all you have to do is get the border of the stole done to make it look perfect for any occasion. You can get various number of ready-made borders in the market and this way you can transform your simple velvet fabric into a elegant stole.

I teamed it up with the golden watch and the brown sunglasses. I carried a matching maroon clutch with the golden handle and a pair of the nude ballerina to complete my look. Keep your makeup to minimal because you don’t want to loose the grace of your outfit. I left my hair open because I like it that way, you can also go for a bun if you like. But don’t forget less is more!

Sunglasses: Tod’s

Watch: RoseField Watches

The New Year’s Resolutions For Better Me

New year is the best time to be yourself but in a better way. Sometimes I look at myself and wonder I had a great work day but is that all?

Did I get a single moment to be happy? Did I even get a chance to do something for better me?

For resolutions you don’t have to make a huge list that will restrict your life for a month and so and then you will be dumping it eventually. I don’t have any such list, I am a lifestyle blogger and all I want from my new year is to peaceful and healthy. You can call me selfish but one cannot do something for others if he/she is not happy. So, this year I will be focusing on myself before I can judge the others. Continue reading “The New Year’s Resolutions For Better Me”

Cold Weather Lookbook

During winter we have two options either to dress up to impress or keep ourselves as cozy as possible. But, how about we get the both? We can wear our favourite jumpsuit and team it up with a nice winter jacket to rock the winter look. I picked up my favourite jumpsuit that has a upper made up of little shimmer and the bottom is plain black. I paired it up with the green overcoat. Continue reading “Cold Weather Lookbook”

All You Need To Know About An Epilator 

Hello Ladies!

Winter is here and the worst part about winter is going to a parlour just to get the rid of your body hair. No matter how much you ignore but sooner or later you have to face that sticky wax and that too on a freezing day. The New Year is around the corner and this is the part where we have to go to the parlour after ignoring it from a month now, Ugh! How much I used to hate that part. Continue reading “All You Need To Know About An Epilator ”

Must Visit In Jalandhar Ft. Prithvi Planet

When it comes to the food, Punjabi’s know how to be selective. The balance between the Ambience and the Food is something only few can master. I have been to most of the places in Jalandhar. I love few for the food, and others for the ambience. The options are unlimited but if you are looking for a quality time, nothing can beat Prithvi Planet. Continue reading “Must Visit In Jalandhar Ft. Prithvi Planet”

Cheat Day Is A Myth

Cheat day is basically a day when you can take a break from your regular strict eating or exercising habits. Your body slowly gets accustomed to a specific calories intake. The cheat days act like a shock for your body, especially if you have food in quantities larger than you usually do.

Cheat day helps your body to get reintroduced to the new set of food.

Continue reading “Cheat Day Is A Myth”

Things I Scratched Off My Bucket List

I have a long bucket list but there are few things I managed to tick off my list. I am way too excited to share my experiences with you to write anything else. So, Let’s get started. Continue reading “Things I Scratched Off My Bucket List”