Fitness Motivation

Before you even think about giving up, take a deep breath and ask yourself why you exactly started it..?

If today you give up, in next few weeks you will again have to start from the beginning only. Beginning is always hard. Because your body is not used to it. In a week your body will start to accept the change. Change is always good.

You are undoubtedly beautiful. You will always be perfect in your own way. No one but you can judge yourself.

Look into the mirror and say to yourself, there is not even a single thing that you can’t do. Women are capable of everything and anything.

We are stronger than we look. The pain and the changes our body go through has made us stronger than ever. If we can face it, workout is nothing for us. 

Do it from today!

Do it for yourself!

Don’t give up!

You were born to be strong!

You are stronger than this!

No one but  you can limit yourself!

Make a promise to yourself!

Don’t stop when you get tired, Stop when you are done!

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