Keeping Up With My Diet

Travelling and diet can never go along. While travelling you don’t get your regular meal and even if you are getting the same, you won’t be interested in that anyway. Let’s be honest no one wants to have the same meal when you have so many options. The food industry is growing day by day, and the taste buds are making it difficult to control our diet. But what if you can keep the track of your calories on the daily basis? 

Keeping the track of calories manually is almost impossible. I searched for few methods and most of them failed. Then I came across this mobile app and I decided to give it a try. I have been using Bon happetee from almost 2 months now and you might have seen few of my achieved daily targets as well. It is basically an app where you have to register and then feed your current weight and the target you want to achieve through this app. My target was to loose 3 Kilos I gained during my busy schedule.

When the schedule is busy you eat whatever you get and you have no time to keep the track of it. But this app made it easier. All I had to do was feed the meal I had and it will keep on rating my food choices without judging it. Yes! You eat fries or sweets, this app never stops you to do so, instead it gives you a proper help to fix your meal if required. My favourite part is it also keeps the track of your daily needs as well as water intake.

I am not a big fan of fruits and after logging in my meals I often receive the message saying “I need to add more fruits in my next meal.” Well, only then I realised and ate it. Bon Happetee Is quite user friendly and you can easily share your day score with your friends with just one click. I love the way this simple app is there to keep my diet on point and that too free.

My parents have been paying dietician a huge amount to keep the track of their food, as they have diabetes, high blood pressure and such another problems. This app even asks you about your medical conditions and works accordingly. It acts like their personal dietician, who is available 24*7, that too free of cost.

Reasons To Love It: 

  1. User-friendly app.
  2. Free of cost.
  3. Fix the meals for you.
  4. Perfect for all age groups.
  5. Keeps the track of your workout.
  6. Daily nutrition check.
  7. Water intake record.
  8. Easy to share your score with friends.
  9. Daily targets keep it interesting.

Verdict: I would personally recommend Bon Happetee to all of you. No matter what is your age or targets. You have to keep the track of what you eat along with the daily targets. Your workout, diet, motivation all at one place.

Rating : 5/5

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