The New Year’s Resolutions For Better Me

New year is the best time to be yourself but in a better way. Sometimes I look at myself and wonder I had a great work day but is that all?

Did I get a single moment to be happy? Did I even get a chance to do something for better me?

For resolutions you don’t have to make a huge list that will restrict your life for a month and so and then you will be dumping it eventually. I don’t have any such list, I am a lifestyle blogger and all I want from my new year is to peaceful and healthy. You can call me selfish but one cannot do something for others if he/she is not happy. So, this year I will be focusing on myself before I can judge the others.img_5979-1

  • Gratitude Exercise: We are so busy with our not so realistic expectations to notice those little good things happening around us. Time to start noticing all the little things and note them down. It won’t need a huge time, but all it takes is a moment when you realise all those not so fancy but special things you could be grateful for. I will start writing at least a single thing down before I go to the bed from this very new year and thank God for the blessings. This exercise is really simple and could be the reason for your inner happiness. If you have a roof to sleep under trust me you are luckier than many people out there and that is something you should be thankful for. Food, Clothes are our basic needs and many people out there are living without these and here we are being all selfish and ignoring such little blessings but not anymore. I am going to make the gratitude Exercise a part of my life.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: All it takes to be healthy is good food and enough amount of daily activities but we are way too occupied in keeping up with the fast life to put any efforts for our own health. Is it worth? No matter what the reason is but risking your health for anything doesn’t make sense at all. I am going to focus on my basic health needs like staying hydrated, eating healthy and daily physical activities. But again we are too busy to keep the track of the food and activities and before you use it as an excuse, I suggest you a fitness app to do it for you. I use Bon Happetee which is the best diet plan app for meal suggestions. It is a calorie calculator app that has integrations with google fit, apple health & fitbitso activity tracking is simple. Bon happetee is like a friend that cares, I can set reminders for myself to drink water, etc. Just like a mother, this diet app tells me that I shouldn’t skip my meal & shows what I’m lacking; be it nutrients or activity. I am going to make it an essential part of my routine for the better version of me. Because next year will not be the same but better at least for me.
  • Click Here To Download : Bon Happetee

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