Beat Belly Bloat This Summer

Summer is here. The whole hard work we all did to rock the bikini is going to payoff. But, bloating is something that always makes our belly look fat. No matter how hard we worked, whole winter… Bloating always have to ruin it up. But not anymore! We are not going to let anything stop us from being hot this season. Here are the ways to avoid bloating. Continue reading “Beat Belly Bloat This Summer”

Berry Ice Cream

Hey Guys,

Have A Great Summer. Stay hydrated!

Honestly speaking, I prefer winter over summer. My tolerance to heat is quite low. So, I prefer to keep myself cool by ice creams or detox water. Most of the time I am found drinking water or infused water.

Eating so much of ice cream leads to weight gain. So, I prefer to have homemade ice cream over readymade one. Continue reading “Berry Ice Cream”