Beat Belly Bloat This Summer

Summer is here. The whole hard work we all did to rock the bikini is going to payoff. But, bloating is something that always makes our belly look fat. No matter how hard we worked, whole winter… Bloating always have to ruin it up. But not anymore! We are not going to let anything stop us from being hot this season. Here are the ways to avoid bloating.

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast: When we wake up in the morning, belly is always empty, after the fasting of 7-8 hours of night. Skipping a breakfast can leads to gas formation and resulting to bloating. Eat healthy in the morning.
Peanut Butter Toasts With Avocado & Fruits
  • Avoid Fizzy Drinks: Fizzy drinks are so tempting when it comes to the summer. But this season we are going to beat the heat with slimming detox water.
Skinny Detox Water Click For Recipe
  • Active Period Week:  A week before period, most of the women feel bloated. It is caused by the changes our body goes through at that time. It could be avoided by excercise. Say No! to lazy weeks! Light workout or yoga during that time of month can help bloating as well as peiod cramps.
  • Ditch The Processed Food: Processed food consists presevatives, artifical ingredients which are not at all good for health. Go natural this summer. Eat healthy fruits, vegetables, salads to avoid bloating.
Chocolate Drizzle Fruits
  • High-Calories Blended Drinks: Sugary shakes available in the market  are really bad for health. They can lead to bloating as well as weight gain. Instead of going for them, I prefer healthy smoothies which are tastier than ever.
Strawberry Colada Smoothie “Click For Recipe”

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