Dieting Mistakes: Are You Making One…??

When it comes to loosing weight, most of the people think eating less will help them loose weight. But it is the most common mistake people make. Eating less can leads to slow down your metabolism. There is a list of mistakes you should avoid.

  • Focusing Too Much On Workout: Most of the people think more they workout, more they will loose. But it is not true. Workout only plays 20% in getting results, while diet plays 80% portion. So slow it down to a 4-5 days a week workout and focus on healthy meals.

  • Skimping On Sleep: After a heavy workout our body needs a proper time to recover, to keep it going at the same pace next day too. For that we need atlest 6-7 hours of sleep. Sleep deperation may leads to slower metabolism.

  • Too Much Of Processed Food: Are you eating too much of protein bars, to help your hunger or craving…? Let me inform you, eating too much of protein bars, results to weight gain. I would recommend you to go for Yogurt Parfait or anything natural. They are healthier and keep your hunger controlled. You can get the recipe on my blog.

  •  Relaying On Salad: Salads are good for health. But we can’t depend on just salads. Because after few hours we start to feel hungry. In that case most of people go for unhealthy cookies or other snacks. If you like salads too much then Iadvice you to add brown rice, beans, almonds, tofu, to keep your hunger in control.

  • Neglecting Water: You don’t like water…??? You prefer soda or other shakes? Well, soda and sugary shakes can make you gsin weight. In case you still want to go for some other options, I will suggest you to try infused detox water. They can be nicely flavoured, yet healthier than ever. You can get recipes on my blog only.

  • Starving Your Body At Night: One should definitely eat early at night. But eating your dinner at 6 PM and sleeping at 12 won’t help. You will. E hungry by the time you sleep. You should eat most of calories before diner but you can eat your healthy last meal according to your bed time. Early eating will keep you hungry all night and you will grab few unhealthy late night snacks.

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