Brizzle’s Pink Obsession

Hey guys!

50% of my accesories are pink. Well that fact is enough to let you know about my pink obsession. In accessories more than jewellery I love to wear a nice watch with a classy bag. I prefer to keep my dressing elegant as well as classy at the same time.

  • MK Bag: How much I love to carry a nice bag. I have a mk bag in hot pink shade, it is one of my favourites. I love to carry it with white dress. Hot pink acts as a catalyst for white dress. It gives it so hot look, especially when you put pink lipstick to go with matching bag, just wow!

One of the reasons for my this love is, it’s huge and I can carry my power bank, make up, camera, almost everything in one bag. Yes! I mostly prefer to carry all the things i can need and mostly few comes back home unused, but still one should carry.

  • Victoria’s Secret: I have a nice collection of victoria’s secret, but this one is my favourite. It is ‘forbidden’ fragnance lotion and it is my favourite because of it never ending best fragnance. I prefer to use it to keep myself smelling fresh for whole long day.
  • Fossil Watch: I like fossil for both watches and bags. I loved this watch because of its golden and hot pink combination. The other hidden reason behind it was I already had hot pink bag, so I wanted a watch to go with it. But that is mostly unknown to all of my family members. Lol
  • Juicy couture:  I have one casual watch in juicy couture. It is with black strap and white dial. It wasn’t pink, so I will be telling you about in some other blog. For now, enjoy the pink teaser.
  • Sephora:  Well, I guess name is enough for a lady. Sephora is one of the most important things in a lady’s life. We just can’t ignore a tag saying welcome to sephora and we just have to enter it and check for all the possible makeup options we can buy. I have this pink brush in sephora and itis always  in my purse. Reason behind it is not touch-up, the reason is I love to carry cute stuff. Lol
  • Real techniques:  I have a lip brush by real techniques and it is one of my favourites. Reason one is it has a cap over it. So, I find it more secure and better. One can just aplly the lipstick on brush and carry brush only, it’s cap make it the best. The other reason is it is cute. Lol. I am very soecific about the things I carry, so it has to be nice to be eligible to stay in my purse.

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