How To Style Check Trousers

Styling a casual check trousers can be really tricky. You can style it in a casual as well as a semi-formal way. When it comes to an upper wear, Shirt or tank top looks good with the blazer to create a semi-formal look. While body suit gives a nice definition to the body structure and looks just classy. You can wear a body suit with both the blazer and the jacket. But body suits look just amazing and bold with the leather jacket.

You can pair up your check trousers with the boots, brogues, heels and sandals. But heels always give a nice lift to your body, while the flats don’t provide that lift. But again, it depends on your preferences. The check trousers should be paired up with the one of the shades from the check itself or white/black.

Look Details: I am wearing this black & white trouser with the black bodysuit. And I picked the black leather jacket to add that sass to the look. I paired it up with the black and white heels to give my body a lift. The brogues can also go with this look. But I wanted to keep it more chic than casual. I kept my makeup to minimal as I want the outfit to do all the talking. Carrying a top handle handbag to complete this look. You can even wear the silver long neck piece if you like to add the bling to your outfit. But I like to keep the minimal bling.

Want A Casual Look?

Wear a white tee with the trouser and then pair it up with the white sneakers and add a little accessory to your wrist and you are good to go.

Trouser: Vero Moda

Body Suit: Stalk Buy Love

Leather Jacket: Stalk Buy Love

Watch: Juicy Couture

Heels: Charles n Keith

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