Qtrove Website, Review

Hello Everyone!

I love natural and healthy products and promotes the same. I just tried this new website: Qtrove. It is basically a website selling natural and healthy products, all at one place. They have a wide range of options like Food & Beverages, Fashion, Home Decor, Kids Zone and many more.

I ordered snacks from here, which came in a travel friendly packaging and I already want to try few more. 

I ordered Dried Cranberries, Chilli Cashews and Peanut (Cheese Onion). My favourite out of these are Chilli Cashews. They are spicy and quite unique. I am going to order few more of these.

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Then, I tried these peanuts which had a cheesy Italian taste to it, which is something really tempting.

I am in love with the dried cranberries. I love cranberries but these dried cranberries taste, so fresh.

Verdict: I have just tried snacks section yet and looking forward to try other sections before I can say much about it. But, I loved the natural snacks section a lot, this is something I am going to keep trying. 

Overall Rating: 4/5. 

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