Guide To Travel In Style: Aesthetic Affair

  • Comfy Is The New Chic: Airport looks are trending at the moment. What you wear when you travel is more important than the outfit you were wearing at the last dinner. The perfect outfit for the travelling is something that is comfortable as well as trendy at the same time. Travelling can be really exhausting and keeping your style game on point is hard. Jegging, Tee, Hoodie, Jogger is the most comfortable clothing options. Denim jacket, Scarf, Oversized shirt can add a nice layer to your outfit. I am wearing a black hoodie with the jogger that looks classy while being super relaxing. The dark shade like Black makes it perfect for a long journey.

  • Style Your Shoes: In travel styling footwear plays a vital role. No matter the mode of the travelling you will have to pick your luggage, walk from one place to another or even run, Sit for hours and spend a good amount of the time in your footwear that needs to be comfortable else you will end up with the blisters. Heels, sandals are a big no when you are travelling. Flats, Shoes, Boots, flat Ballerinas are the best travel buddies, but there is nothing to beat the comfort of a sneaker or sport shoes. I am wearing the white sneaker that always looks classy but are comfortable at the same time.
  • Pack A Bag: Picking a right bag is really crucial. Your bag should be big enough to fit the essentials and it shouldn’t be too heavy to pick at the same time. The best picks are Backpack, sling bag. The reason behind it is easier to carry advantage. Backpacks are unbeatable when it comes to picking the comfy yet big enough handbag.
  • Minimal Makeup: when it comes to the makeup Less is more. Long journey can make your makeup look oily and that can make your skin patchy. The enough amount of water is necessary while travelling to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid applying too much makeup and leave your skin to breathe. If you want to do a little makeup a BB cream/sunscreen with lip balm/lip gloss along with Kajal can do the trick.

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