Cold Weather Lookbook

During winter we have two options either to dress up to impress or keep ourselves as cozy as possible. But, how about we get the both? We can wear our favourite jumpsuit and team it up with a nice winter jacket to rock the winter look. I picked up my favourite jumpsuit that has a upper made up of little shimmer and the bottom is plain black. I paired it up with the green overcoat.

When it comes to such different colours like green. You have to team it up with black, white or grey accordingly. As bright colours has to be teamed up with the matte shades. When you have such highlighting shade, The best way to rock the look is to keep the rest of the clothing and Accessories simple.

I completed my look with the black flats and minimal makeup. Makeup plays a vital role in any look. If you are already wearing a shade that pops out, you have to keep the makeup simple to look flawless. I applied the eye makeup with the pink lipstick to finish my look.

Take Care, Stay Cozy And Enjoy Your Winter But In Style…!

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