Splash Of White On Tangerine

Festive season is around the corner. Time to get our outfits ready for an occasion but what to wear this festive season to stand out? Should we go for the Patiala Suit, Anarkali Suit or some kurti? Well, how about a threaded embroidery on a happening shade? Sounds cool to me, what about you?

I decided to enjoy this festive season with a happening shade like Orange (tangerine) with the splash of white thread embroidery all over it. It is basically a Sherwani style with the button up with the pearls to tease the look. I decided to wear the white Palazzo pants to keep it stylish.

When ever you are worried to get overdressed, the thread embroidery is the safest bet. You can never go wrong with the white thread embroidery with the pearls. Pearls always give a dress elegant yet classy look. Your outfit doesn’t have to be overloaded with the work or the tassels. Keep it simple yet chic with the small detailing into it.

I teamed it up with the minimal golden bangles.  Makeup is something that should be kept as simple as possible because overdoing it will ruin the elegance of the dress. Nude pointed toe-pumps are perfect to complete the look. 

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