All You Need To know About The Ceramic Straightening Brush

Hello Lovelies!

Straighteners have a all new version now. They  are now in the form of the hair brush. The bristles are made up of the ceramic. It comes up with the proper temperature control. You can decide how much heat your hair exactly need. My hair are almost straight but I still prefer to keep it at the highest temperature for the quick results. 

There is nothing like you don’t have to brush your hair before. The bristles will cause hair fall if you try to untangle it directly with this brush. I suggest you to comb your hair properly before using it for the smooth process.

How To Use: Take a small section of the hair and keep the bristles outside to avoid any damage to your scalp. I actually tried it in the other-way and it almost burned my scalp. I just wanted to be sure (I have review it completely, after all). Moving on, take a small section of the hair and place it on the bristles and move it slowly downwards, just like the normal straightener.

Features Your Brush Must Have:

  • Temperature Control: It is something one decent brush must have. To keep the track of the heat your hair are going to handle.
  • 3D Ceramic Bristles: Ceramic bristles are gentle against the hair and ensures the better results.
  • Minimum 6 Ft. Swivel Cord: Your brush must have the minimum 6 feet swivel cord for the hassle-free use.
  • LCD Screen: It is really important to have a LCD Screen to keep the track of the temperature, if your brush comes up with the temperature control option.
  • Overall Verdict: I have been using this brush from a long time now. I like it as it is good when you are in hurry and you want to fix your hair soon. All you have to do is brush through your hair (but slowly) and voilà! Its not like it doesn’t cause any hair fall. Your hair are facing the heat and yes! It will surely cause the hair fall when you use it.

  • Final Thoughts: It is just an another straightener but in the form of the brush. The only difference is you don’t have to keep brushing along with straightener ( You don’t have to when you have nicely combed hair, anyway).

Rating: 4/5



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