Blue Heaven Cosmetics: Review

Hey Guys!

We all have heard and used Blue heaven products in our life. Being a kid I have seen and used lipsticks, nail paints, and many more cosmetics in blue heaven. I decided to give it a try after a long time. Today, I am going to review few of the products I tried from this brand. 

  • Non-Transfer Lip Color: This lip color came up in a packaging of the gloss. I tries Raspberry Love shade, which is dark red. It is perfect for the evening dinner or parties. The best part about it is, it stays for long.

I tried to remove it, along with the another lip shades, but it stayed even after the use of makeup remover. These lip shades easily stay for 6 hours and are non-transferable.

Price: 205/-

  • Splash Super Matt Lip Color: Lipsticks are matte but still contains enough moisture to not make your lips feel dry. I tried two of the shades and here are the swatches for the same.

Price: 175/-

  • Xpression Pan-Cake : It is a powder foundation to even out the skin, it can be used on face or body. It comes up in a fine packing with a sponge. All you have to do is, apply it on the uneven skin. It is best for summer, as it is water-proof in nature.

Price: 75/-

  • Make-Up Remover Cleansing wipes: It is a pack of 30 wipes. The wipes are quite soft and contains the enough amount of moisture, to keep the skin hydrated after a long use of make up. I tried it on the cosmetic and it removed a good amount of cosmetic in one wipe.

Price: 105/-

  • Verdict: Cosmetic works the way it promises. Blue heaven‘s website has almost all the kind of cosmetic at reasonable prices. My favourite out of these is non-transferable lip colour. 

Rating: 3.9/5

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