Tea Treasure Haul And Website Reviews

I am a caffeine dependent life form but when I came to know about Tea Treasure website, I couldn’t help but visit. Their website is really attractive and user-friendly, It is also available on Amazon. It is full of healthy and natural tea options. I placed an order of 12 different types of tea. In short I am quite impressed with their collection. When I opened the pack, I was so happy to see the natural leaves of tea. Natural is what, attracted me to try their tea at the first place and I am sticking to it.

  • Lemon Tulsi Loose Leaf Green Tea : The combination of tulsi with fresh lemon blended with nutrient rich green tea is so refreshing. Tulsi and its healthy properties makes it my favorite.
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  • Minty Fusion Loose Leaf Green Tea : Mint medley is a delicious & energizing tea to boost your overall health. The combination of natural lemon and green tea is refreshing for this summer season.
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  • Tropical Hibiscus Loose Leaf Green Tea : What’s not to love about this tea, this is as good hot as it is iced. It can definitely be prepared as Ice Tea and you can add ice cubes and honey to increase the sweetness.

  • Herbal Tisane Loose Leaf Tea : It is a caffeine free tea, which made me fall in love with this one. The tea has a soothing & mildly sedative effect to relax your mind with a balanced blend of traditional herbs.
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  • Premium Indian Chai : Discover this rare tea from the high elevation region in the highlands of Assam Valley. Consider yourself warned: this rich & satisfying tea can leave you thunderstruck.
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  • Premium Chai Masala : A blend, which carries the goodness of earthy Indian ginger, cinnamon, fennel, rose, clove, cardamom, yashtimadhu together to transform your cup of tea into rich, exotic Indian Chai.
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  • Kadak Chai Masala : The blend follows the age old Indian recipe used in several households for everyday tea. My parents are in love with this masala.
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  • English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea : A heritage blend of Assam black tea with Darjeeling black tea, providing a mix of rich aroma & strong flavor.
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  • Slimming Tea : A great combination of herbs & green tea. It is best for weight loss.
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  • Sweet Dreams Tea : It is caffeine free tea. A delicious blend of chamomile & lavender is all you need in the night.
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  • Zesty Lemon Tea : Revitalize your senses with this refreshing combination of natural lemon with green tea.
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  • Immunity Booster Green Wellness Tea : This delicious tea is a blend of herbs that have traditionally been used by herbalists to help prevent a cold or flu or fasten recovery.
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