Golden Tips For successful Dieting

Every second person is trying hard to do the dieting. Most of them give up a lot of their favorite things, to reach their goal weight. But after some period of time, they fail to continue. When they are asked why? Few of them say: They got bored or It’s impossible. But my dear friends, nothing is impossible, in fact if read correctly even the word IMpossible, itself says I’m possible. It’s all about your confidence. 

  • Switch To Healthy Cooking: Healthy cooking plays an important role in dieting. Healthier the recipe is, better it is for your body.
  1. Instead of deep frying, try grilling .
  2. Instead of boiling your veggies, until they loose all the nutrients, try steaming until crunchy.
  3. Instead of salt, try herbs or ground pepper.
  4. Use lemon juice instead of unhealthy syrups.

  • Don’t Ditch Your Favorites:  The best way to keep your dieting going for longer, is trying not to restrict yourself . The harder you are on your cravings, the more you will be attracted and sooner you will give up on restrictions. All you have to do is, keep the quantity under control. This way you can fight your cravings and keep it going for longer.

  • Follow The 80/20 Rule: You don’t have to eat fully. According to the dietitian, one must eat until 80% full. We can eat after regular intervals but eating the more than required at once, doesn’t help the situation. When someone tries to eat 80% of his/her  tendency,  that person slows down to check for hunger which helps in keeping the food intake low.

  • Say No To Boring Food: Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring. It’s best to cook you meal in a tastier way. You can just drizzle you veggies with olive oil and then bake or use herbs, garlic, oregano to make them tastier. Tasty meals are easy to be followed.

  • Eat Lunch Like A Prince: Our meals should be according to our activities. One should always eat breakfast and lunch properly but lighter food in the night. We are not very hungry when we wake up. But after some activities, our digestion is at its peak in the noon. So, we should consume veggies, chicken, other sources of protein in the noon. You don’t have to eat so much in the dinner, just to watch another episode of Game Of Thrones.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap

  • Healthy Snacking: You don’t have to fight your cravings, in fact snacking is good. There are lots of options available for your snacking time. You can check my blog on Late Night Snacking.
  1. Fruits and nuts
  2. Parfaits
  3. Yogurt cubes, and many more.

  • Stay Hydrated: Water is essential for digestion, absorption or transportation of nutrients. According to the studies, one should have 2 liters of water per day for healthy living. But most of the people don’t drink sufficient amount of water. There are lots of detox/infused water recipes available on my blog, to keep you hydrated in a flavored and healthier way.

Detox Water

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