Stay In Shape While Travelling 

Everyone is travelling , in this busy life, either for business or for vacation. While travelling, our whole routine is interrupted.  Whether it’s about workout or eating habits. Our craving are hit the peak as soon as we leave for vacation. Here are few tips for regret free vacation.

  • Pack Workout : The best way to keep your fitness routine going,is packing the gym essentials first. Pack you gym clothes, a jump rope, resistance band, yoga mat. They take up less room than the hair dryer and they are the most effective workout tools.

  • Stay Hydrated : Flying dehydrates you because of the lack of humidity in the cabin air, so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Try to drink a glass of water every hour on the plane. Or you can keep a bottle with you. Security won’t let you take the water inside, so you can carry an empty bottle and ask the flight attendants to fill it for you, or you can fill it up yourself after security check and keep sipping.

  • Boost Your Immunity Before You Fly : Immunity can’t be bosstes in a day. You have to start eating healthy 2 weeks before the travel. Eat high protein, high fibre, low carb meals, plenty of veggies, which are easy to digest. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water, daily to rehydrate yourself.

  • Keep Moving : When you are at airport, try to keep walking or running up and down the stairs. If you are missing your squats, you can steal a time to do squats in the restroom. Try not to sit idle and enjoy walking around. You can even put in your headphones and enjoy one of your favourite album.

  • Hotel Gym? Perfect : The best way to keep your workout routine going is hitting the hotel gym. What could be more delightful than getting a nice gym…? The key to getting this done is, get it cleared with the hote before booking. You can even ask them to send you a pictute of gym and rooms before you even book it. 

  • Boose? You loose : Drinking when you are on vacation is fine, but to some limited amount. Drinking way too much, just because you are on vacation gonna make you gain weight before you wven reach home. After drinking you won’t be able to stick to your diet plan, so it’s better to drink in limited amount.

  • Walk The City: The best way to check the city is on your foot. Ask the hotel for nearby sights, within the walking distance. Go shopping to the nearby shop or just go to the nearby park to relax.

  • Wake Up Early : In case you are unable to get the time to workout, the best way to get it done is waking up 30 minutes early and finish your workout before leaving the hotel. While travelling, it’s quite difficult to workout at night, so getting done with it in the morning is just perfect.

  • Don’t Push It: Workout is important but don’t push it. You have to enjoy your vacation too. Even uf yiu are able to take 10 minutes of workout daily, it’s still better than not doing anything at all. So, try not to stress yourself with tight schedule and keep it simple and easy. You need the time to relax also.

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