Nail Design Trends-2017

Nail designs trends are changing at the fastest speed. Every season hundreds of new designs are created and the look they provide to our makeover is just mind-blowing. From matte to metallic everything is there. From two shaded to simple art, the vast variety is never ending. This season the nail trends that are going to rule are following:Two shaded: Let us shade our nails in two of the best complementing shades.

  • My Metallic: Metallic nails are the best option for the parties. Get creative and go wild with metallic range.

  • Let’s Go Matte: This season matte is in trend, whether it is for lip shades or nail paints. Time to go matte.

  • Artistic: Time to show all your art skill on your nails.

  • Summer Love: Latest summer themed designs are something to go crazy about.

  • Elegant Edition: Simple yet elegant is best for all the outfits.

  • Own Neon: Neon shades are must for your collection.

  • Go Glittery: Play with glitters this summer with huge glittering shades.

  • Oh So Soft Look: For all those soft color lovers, here are best of ideas to paint your nails.

  • Polka Love: Polka nails are one of my favorites.

  • Refreshing Lemon: In the weather of heat let us try refreshing lemon.

  • Nude Love: Nude shades are my all time favorite and hottest this season.

  • Black Is Back: Black shade is back this season too. Who can say no to it…???

  • Tip It Dark: The darker tip is still there. Keep it simple yet darker for nail lovers.

  • Be Bold: Bold nail designs are for all those classy fashionistas out there.

  • Little Twist: Keep your nails simple with little twist this summer.

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