Hair Rebonding Truth: Based On 5 Rebondings Done!

The myths related to hair rebonding are unlimited. Before I start pointing out the myths, I would like to proudly declare that I have got 5 rebondings done already. Yes! Five Rebondings, and I regret none. I had a strong, heavy and long hair when I first got it done. The reason behind it was my too heavy hair and too little time to get dressed as a teenager. The silky smooth, shiny hair was a great temptation at that age, so I went with the flow and got it done. When I got my first rebonding done my first reactions was wow! My hair looked no more dull or dry, hair were really shiny and smooth to touch. I couldn’t be happier and when I realized I won’t have to put so much effort in managing, that feeling is so satisfying.Must Know The Truth: When the rebonding is done, your hair goes through a treatment of harsh chemicals, but it is like any other treatments. The first step of rebonding is cleaning your scalp from any kind of dryness or dandruff. You won’t face any such trouble within 3-4 months at least. But this step is mostly skipped by most of the salons. They skip this step to save money and provide you services at a discounted price. Choosing the right salon is really important. Don’t go to the unauthorized salon.

  • Hair Spa Routine: You hair needs a better care after rebonding. I used to get a hair spa every month to keep my scalp and hair healthy. During a hair spa avoid pulling hair or using just any shampoo or conditioner. You need to use the same products you have been given. I even used to carry my own products to the salon. You can even do the spa at home, using the given conditioner and shampoo. You just have to add the steam for better results.
  • Sticking To The Right Products: After rebonding you are advised the specific shampoo, conditioner and the serum. I suggest you stick to the same routine for as long as you can, minimum 8 months. You are not supposed to apply anything except given products for 4-5 months. But I have mostly followed the advised products for a year or so.
  • Side Effects: After a few months, hair starts to get dry and split ends also show up. But it can happen anytime in regular basis as well. Regular trimming can avoid the split ends and regular hair spa and oiling can avoid the dryness too. You hair will look less heavier than earlier because you got them straight and also your hair went through a treatment. But again, regular care can restore it.
  • Still Confused About The Rebonding?
  1. If your hair is heavy, frizzy, curly and difficult to manage and you want to have a smooth, manageable hair for a year, then you must go for it. But don’t forget to do the regular spa and oiling.
  2. You use hair straightener daily and thinking this treatment is going to be harsh. Darling, you are already going harsh on your hair. So, it will just do half of that harm that too once.
  3. Your hair is too thin and you can’t lose more hair, then you can skip getting rebonding, but again if you are using straightener daily it’s again the same story.

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