Skin And Hair Care Tips For Holi

Holi is India’s most vibrant festival and it’s almost here. In few areas people have already started to enjoy this colourful festival and I couldn’t wait for the March 2nd to celebrate the Holi. When it comes to the festivals, I love all of them, but Holi is my all time favourite. I have been enjoying it to the fullest since my childhood. But getting the rid of the colours used to be the real task.

The colours could be really harsh on the skin and hair. You have to take care of yourself before and after the celebration. Don’t forget to moisturise your skin and oil your hair before you get lost in the beauty of the colours. Every year, oiling my hair before I was allowed to go out in the colours has been a part of my festival routine. By the time I grew up, I realised the actual importance of all those habits. Use of the petroleum gel to the gram flour, I actually realised all of these are, the easier hacks and the home remedies, that are just unbeatable. Ice Cubes: Applying the ice cubes can close the pores and avoids the colours to enter your skin. You must apply the ice for minimum 5 minutes to ensure the pores to be closed properly. Apply the almond oil or another moisturiser to keep the skin safe.

  • Oil for Hair & Skin: Applying the Almond oil on you body can save your skin from the affects of the colours. When you apply the layer of the oil, your skin gets properly moisturised and the colour doesn’t enter the pores of your skin. You also have to do the proper oiling of your hair. You can apply almond oil or coconut oil in the roots of your hair and also cover the rest of your hair with the thin layer to avoid the Post-Holi Dryness.

  • Petroleum Jelly: Replace your regular Lip Balm with the petroleum jelly for the better results. Apply a layer of Vaseline on your nails and also fill the space between your nails with it to avoid the colour to enter your nail gaps. You can also apply it on your ear to avoid the colour.

  • Stay Hydrated: Summer has already begun and It is really important to drink a good quantity of water to stay Hydrated. Don’t forget to enjoy your favourite fluids while enjoying the festival of colours. All you have to do is avoid the direct sunlight for too long, drink lots of water and you are good to go.

  • Post Holi Gram Flour Magic: After taking these precautions, it is quite possible to get your skin dyed by the colours. Harsh scrubs can make it worse for your skin. A natural scrubber can do the trick. Mix the gram flour with milk and lightly scrub it on your skin to get the rid of the colours. Don’t forget to moisturise your skin lately to avoid the dryness and redness.

Quick Tips:

  1. Apply the sunscreen before you leave for the Holi celebration.
  2. Use sunglasses to avoid the colours to enter your eyes.
  3. Cover your most of the skin with the clothes.
  4. Tie your hair to avoid the colours.

Wish You A Colourful And Safe Holi…!

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