Go Hair-Free With Kaya Laser Treatment

Hello Everyone!

Are you also tired of using razors and waxing. The pain we have to go through, every month, for no reason. It is the time to flaunt the summer body for which we have been working out so hard in gym. But are the body hair stopping you from enjoying the summer…??

Time to enjoy to ditch Razors, Tweezers, Hair Removing Creams, every month salon’s appointments. In the today’s busy life, who has the time for all these hassles..? Time to drop the hassles. We are here to enjoy, wear our favourite outfit anytime we want without having to worry about hairfree skin, whether it’s that pretty dress or that sleeveless top, we want to wear it all. Either we Hide our body parts or shave in hurry and cut ourselves, just because we don’t have time to do anything, at such a short notice?

Kaya Laser Treatment

No need to go through so much pain just for temporary solutions. Now get smooth & hair-free skin with Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser.

  • Advantages Of Laser Treatment:
  1. It’s a cost effective method. It’s a one-time investment as opposed to the monthly expenses on other hair removal methods.
  2. It leaves you with smooth, hair free skin that you can #WishWearFlaunt anytime you want.
  3. The treatment is customised for every skin type to ensure best results
  4. Expert Dermatologist supervision ensures utmost safety.


  • Why Kaya….?
  1. Kaya uses the advanced laser technology which is US-FDA approved.
  2. US FDA approved gentle laser light technology; the service targets the hair follicles to reduce our body hair from the roots without having any effect on the surrounding skin.
  3. Absolutely safe for Indian skin type.
  4. Customised plan for each customer, depending upon their skin type.
  5. Treatments are under supervision of expert dermatologists.

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