Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer: Review

Hey Guys!

Today, I am going to share my experience with the brand Island Kiss. They create petroleum free and non-toxic lip moisturizers, providing sun protection. Island kiss is available in India, USA, UAE. 

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I tried their three variants. They came up in these cute boxes. Their packaging is really impressive. Each pack is consisting of a lip balm in the form of the tube. I prefer such balms to another, as we don’t have to use our fingers or brushes to apply it.

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The shades are pretty cute and each one of the lip moisturizer has a unique flavor in it. These contain Tropical kokum, avocado & mango butter, organic beeswax, stevia, organic carrot seed oil, pure castor oil, rich vitamin-e, nut oil, essential oil, natural organic color, which are all natural and really moisturizing by nature.

  • Black Rose & Grenade Rouge : I am going to start from my favorite. This one consists the black rose essential oil and pomegranate seed oil. This one smells really nice and it leaves the lips reddish. I love this one because I prefer lip balms which leaves the lips colored and overcomes the need of lipstick. This one is perfect for my casual looks.
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  • Cherry Blossom Flores : It consists of Japanese cherry blossom essential oil and smells fabulous. This one has negligible shade in it. It is perfect to be used as a lipstick base, to keep the lips hydrated.
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  • Flamingo Pink & Peonies : It consists of citrus essential oil and peony essential oil. It leaves the lips with the pinkish shade. I love this one, because it gives a natural and cute shade to the lips.
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Reasons To Buy: 

It is 100% natural.
It has SPF 15, sun protection.
Petroleum Free
Effective moisturizer for lips.
Lick your lips & savor the taste.

Rating: 4.2/5

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