Freshistry: Fresh Cosmetic, Review

Hey Guys!

Today, I am going to share my experience with the brand I just tried, it is Freshistry: The chemistry of fresh cosmetics. They brew the fresh cosmetic according to your skin  type.  My skin is sensitive and gets dry to oily in a small period of time. So, I was so excited to brew my own cosmetic, according to the needs. They came up with my name on the labels, saying brewed for: Punjabi Brizzle/Shweta. Let me show you what I received.

  • Freshistry Fairness Cream : I am going to start from my favourite product, which is a freshly brewed fairness cream. I am in love with it because of the silky and buttery texture it contains, which is just incomparable. It comes up with a natural add on drops, which contains no artificial ingredient. I selected my skin type – oily for my face, added bit of fairness, then rose because of uv protection it provides and added rose flavour to go with it.

  • Freshistry Lotion : My skin is quite dry during harsh weathers. So, I entered my skin type dry, then I added sun screen ingredients, lavender and rouge fragrance to go with it. I am quite satisfied with my choices. It is not oily in nature but works well.

  • Face Cleanser : I ordered face cleanser to be gel based with exfoliate in it and rosemary with white musk to go as a fragrance with it. My cleanser feels so soft against the skin. Its really nice.

Reasons To Buy: 

  1. Freshly brewed and natural.
  2. Brewed according to the skin type and skin needs.
  3. Comes in cute packaging with your name on it.

Points To Remember: 

  1. Not everyone can select the ingredients properly.
  2. Best before 6 months of manufacture. 

Rating: 4.3/5

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