Brizzle’s Scuba Diving Experience

I love water parks and water activities, so I decided to give it a try. Well, Scuba Diving was totally different level. I was excited at first to witness the sea-life. But I don’t know anything about swimming, which made me nervous at the same time. I was at Bali, Indonesia with my babe. We were supposed to leave our hotel early in the morning to reach the site. We were told the site is at few hours ride. So, we had our breakfast and left early. I am not a morning person. So, I took my power nap on the way.

When we reached there, the site was Oh! So beautiful! The beautiful sea surrounded us. We were supposed to take a 20 minutes lesson in the pool, before we actually hit the sea. We were given wetsuits to wear which were zipped and skin-tight black outfits. My reaction to it was, don’t they have color options? Well, I guess no.

Our guide gave us mask and an oxygen tank, which weighted more than me. Then he asked us to join him in the pool for lesson. I thought today finally the day has come, when I actually learn my swimming. But wait! No swimming…??? He started to show us the important signs in case of emergency. Thumbs-up means all good. Thumbs-down meant Help Me….!! Okay! So am I supposed to ask for help…? Is he planning to leave me in the sea?

Well, I doubted him. But he was nice and somehow he gained my trust. Then he taught us to equalize the pressure inside the sea, all you have to do is pinch the nose and blow. I know this sounds contradictory. But it really worked when I was in the sea. Every time my head would hurt, this method managed to ease the pain. The most important tip, our guide gave was really funny and practical that is, when you will be inside the sea don’t try to open your mouth out of shock like WOW! Then you will loose your oxygen pump, which obviously you don’t want. I made a note to myself not to appreciate the beauty during my session, later I can.

Finally the time is here, where we enter the sea Yayyy….!! Wait what? We have to walk 2 miles to get to the real sight under the scorching sun…? Somehow I reached there and he asked us to put on oxygen pump. Wow! Sea made me want to jump but I can hardly walk. We walked to it or truly speaking I stumbled to it. Guide held me from my back and carried me inside. Obviously, because he didn’t actually taught me to swim. When I entered the deep sea, I was so lost in the beauty of the sea. Fishes were swimming around us. He took us deeper and that is exactly when my head started to hurt and I had to equalize the pressure. I was okay after few seconds.

We actually saw the sea horse, which was beyond my imagination. I wanted to just go and hold it. But I controlled my emotions. The nature is so colorful and beautiful. I wanted to stay there forever. After few minutes of diving we went on a break. He said he would take us deeper after refreshment, because staying inside the sea for longer could be bad for us. I started to feel dizzy after coming out. I had a coke and sat for good 5-10 minutes and I felt better. My Babe suggested staying, in case I am not feeling well. But I wanted to finish it. I loved the view. It was so pretty.

We put on our oxygen masks and we went in again. I was again lost in the beauty. I saw the Nemo there. The same fish from the movie ‘Finding Nemo.’ It made my day. I loved that movie after all. We reached to the bottom of the sea and saw a wrecked ship. the sea shells. Fishes were coming out of the sand. That sight is something I will never forget. The plants and the starfish, everything we have seen in the movies was there. Just by writing about all the beautiful things I witnessed, made me want to pack my bags again.

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