Brizzle’s Bucket List

Hey Guys!

I am a dreamer and a blogger. So, I ended up making a bucket list of all the things I want to do before I die or get old. I am 27 years old I know I am not that old, but who knows the future. I believe in doing the things today, because future is mysterious. No one can understand the mystery of life. Today you are happy and have everything, tomorrow might not be yours.

I am married and Yes! My life is changed as compare to  my past. I was more careless and carefree earlier. When I look at that time I feel the power of time. Time changes and your life too. You become more responsible and mature with time. With the maturity your priorities and your dreams start to change. Before it happens, I decided to note down my to-do list.

  • Watch The Sunset In Santorini, Greece:

  • Walk Behind A Waterfall:

  • Cage Dive With The Great White Sharks:

  • Horse Back Ride In The Ocean:

  • Swim With Elephants, Thailand:

  • Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride:

  • Spend A Night In A Tree House:

  • Go Flyboarding:

  • Ride Water Taxi, Venice:

  • Go on Cruise:

  • Stay At An Under Water Hotel:

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