This Winter Wear Black with a splash!

I am in love with the all black with a contrasting outerwear. Black shade is something you can keep on repeating without being noticed. Yes, this is one of the reasons to love all black. On the other hand black makes your outerwear shade pop out. Wearing an black outfit with a splash of another bright shade is always a good idea.

I am wearing a black jumpsuit with the woollen peach cape. I love the way this combination came out. You can go on and on with the different shades of an outerwear. Because trust me one can never go wrong with the black. The cape I am wearing is a simple woollen cape but the simplicity of jumpsuit made it pop out to another level. As I always say, less is more!

You can go on with black dress, black top with the black jeans or black skirt. The key is to keep it simple.

Jumpsuit: Mango

Cape: Kazo

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