Things I Scratched Off My Bucket List

I have a long bucket list but there are few things I managed to tick off my list. I am way too excited to share my experiences with you to write anything else. So, Let’s get started.Scuba Diving: It has always been on the top of my list. I love water and I always wanted to see the sea life and how these amazing creatures live. I was lucky enough to witness the sea horses and the Nemo, the same fish from the Nemo Movie. The fishes and the little beautiful detailing is something I will never forget. Actually, It is something I would love to do all over again.

  • Sip Of A Hot Coffee Inside A Room Made Up Of An Ice: I visited this Icy Dreamland at Dubai. The room was completely made up of Ice. The little details and those igloos were Amazing. I shared a hot cup of coffee with none other than the love of my life, while sitting on an Icy Table.

  • That Touch Of A Star Fish: I cannot express how amazing it was to actually get a chance to touch a Starfish. It was strong and ‘Oh! So beautiful creature!’ I touched the blue starfish and I really want one for myself now. It was one of the experiences to be remembered. Witnessing the life of another creatures and how fragile yet strong they appear is something unforgettable.

  • Desert Rage: When I see something new I always start acting like a curious child and I want to try all the new and latest things all by myself. So, I decided to drive the desert car. The desert car drive was insane. I held the speed paddle till the very moment, We got struck vertical on the sand cliff and our car was about to crash. Then, for a moment we thought we gonna imbalance and fall, but instructor showed up and told us how to get out of this awkward situation while maintaining the balance. Then, I managed to start my desert rage all over again.

  • Snake Around My Neck: Suddenly, My love for creatures is coming out and I decided to touch that Python not only touch I decided to place it around my neck. I don’t know what exactly happened to that soft snake it decide to start moving around my shoulders and It was way too heavy to be stopped. All I could do was, let it move, till I can get our few poses clicked.

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