Biotique Skincare routine: Review

Hey Guys!

Today, I am going to share my experience with an Ayurvedic brand Biotique. I have been trying the different natural products from a long time now and I love to share my experience with you all. Biotique is based on 5000 years old Ayurvedic recipes blended with the science of 21st century bio-technology. Biotique has a pretty good website that provides you an easy guide to the products according to your skin needs. They also provide an online-consultation to understand your skin better. I tried their complete skincare routine that includes face cleanser, peel-off mask, toner, sunscreen.

  • Bio Pineapple Oil Control Foaming Face Cleanser : Pineapple contains a large number of natural elements and nutrients. This cleanser is 100% soap-free. It is the blend of extracts of pineapple, neem leaves, and clove oil to dissolve the makeup and purifies the skin. The fragrance is fruity and refreshing.

How To Use: Gently massage over wet face and neck with fingertips, lather well and rinse off.

Skin Type: Normal to Oily Skin.

Price: INR 149 for 120ml.

  • Bio Peach Clarifying & Refining Peel-Off Mask: Peaches has clarifying and curative benefits. This mask comes up in a gel form and contains extracts of peach, cabbage, neem and quince seed to deep-cleanse the skin. The peel off action lifts all the impurities and refines the skin.

How To Use: Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck. Let it dry and then peel off. Rinse well with water or damp washcloth to remove the last traces.

Skin Type: Oily And Acne Prone Skin.

Price: INR 199 for 50gm.

  • Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner:  Cucumber is known for cooling and purifying properties. This toner is the blend of cucumber, coriander, nutgalls, berberry, peppermint oil and fresh water from  Himalayas. It helps to keep the skin in the purest state.

How To Use: Apply to cotton pads or washcloth and gently wipe over cleansed face and neck.

Skin Type: Normal To Oily Skin

Price: INR 149 for 120 ml.

  • Bio Aloe Vera 30+ SPF UVA/UVB Ultra Soothing Sunscreen Face Lotion: Aloe Vera has been called the “soothing desert lily,” used as a natural healer and sun protector. This lotion is a blend of aloe vera, sunflower, and safflower oils to keep the skin soft, fair and moisturised in the sun.

How To Use: Apply liberally before sun exposure. Reapply after 5-6 hours for the complete sun protection.

Skin Type: Normal To Oily Skin.

Price: INR 290 for 120 ml.

  • Verdict: I am personally in love with the face cleanser, it makes my skin feel so smooth, just after one wash. The complete skincare routine is really effective and even the sunscreen lotion doesn’t make the skin feel oily.
  • Rating: 4.3/5

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