Bad Experience With Date My Closet 

Hey Guys!

Today, I am going to share my experience with the new website Date My closet. Being a blogger I had a collaboration with them. The dates and dresses were finalised before  we both agreed to collaborate. But the way they handle the work was really unprofessional.

  • Didn’t stick to commitment: They changed the collaboration terms and started to force me to agree on lesser.
  • Didn’t try to reach the deadline: If they wouldn’t have reached the deadline, then it would have been a different case. But they even didn’t bother to try.
  • Non- responsive to emails: I sent them emails asking, are the products dispatched? They even didn’t respond back.

  • Tried to threaten me:  Bhawna the CEO, when I told her I will be sharing my review, she tried to threaten me. She said she is going to make sure, no brand will collaborate with me in future. She even threatened me to take a legal action against me if I share my experience.
  • Verdict: I would like to warn all the followers not to get into this trap. If they can’t give a respect to the blogger and threaten, then I am afraid of their behaviour with innocent people. 

Rating: 0/5 

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