ManiBag: Earn From Home

I am in love with this gorgeous jewelry I recieved from Voylla. All the jewelry lovers know about Voylla and its wide range of fashion jewelry. Now, they came up with such a unique idea of giving all the ladies out there a chance to earn while staying at home.

We all love Social Media and spend hours using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp. What could be better than earning while surfing on Internet? All you have to do is Register yourself on Manibag, which is totally free.

I really love the concept and the best part about it is, its simplicity. It is quite user-friendly and it can be used by all the age groups. You are just a registration-away from earning while enjoying your social-media. It is a win-win proposition for anyone who has basic communication skills, a passion for fashion and the right kind of drive.

All you have to do is Sign-Up, to work as a Voylla‘s sales consultant. Then you can create a catalogue of the finest jewelry that you will be sharing with your friend on WhatsApp, or any favorite social media. 90% of the time we all are active on WhatsApp, So, I don’t think it is hard for anyone, to earn while sharing. For every sale, you will be earning 20% commission and once you have reached a target of Rs. 1000  you can convert it to cash or Voylla cash redeemable against purchases on the site. Let us take a look at the basic steps to start earning, without paying anything.

Steps To Follow :

STEP 1 :  Sign-Up for the Manibag Program.

STEP 2 : Create your own online catalog of your favorite jewelry pieces by clicking on the ‘Make Your Catalogue’ category.

STEP 3 : Add products to the created catalogue from suggestions, product page or offer category.

STEP 4 : Save the created catalogue and check the preview.

 STEP 5 : Share the catalog with your friends and family who may be interested in fashion jewelry via WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

STEP 6 : You can also share directly from the product page and from the offer category.

STEP 7 :  For every sale, you earn a 20 percent of the amount they spend.

STEP 8 : Once you have reached a target of Rs. 1000  you can convert it to cash or Voylla cash redeemable against purchases on the site.

STEP 9 : The amount you earn will either get transacted in your Voylla Cash In Account or will be transferred to your bank account.

Join Now If: 

  • You stay home but have passion for fashion.
  • You love social-media.
  • Money never hurts.
  • You are in college and have a huge group to share with.
  • You love kitty-party and can easily gossip about it.
  • You have been waiting for just one chance to earn.
  • You are a student and want to increase your pocket money.
  • You are already working for money but want to follow you passion for fashion, go ahead with part-time.
  • You love to surf Internet, Go and earn with it.

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