Haveli Amritsar

Today, I was at Amritsar. On the way back I was starving and saw Haveli. The sight of it made my mouth water. I couldn’t help but pull the emergency brakes to go and grab tastiest food ever. I love the taste of traditional food and that was it. 

But when I entered it, I literally forgot about my hunger and couldn’t help but admire the art in front of me. Every detailing was just beautiful and perfect. I felt like being transported to the old times, where we had beautiful art on the wall and those utensils…. I couldn’t  help, but admire.

  • Kitchen: This was one of the most beautiful section of Haveli. Here a cute little family is having such a lovely time together.

  • Ox Racing Equipment : I have never seen an ox race before, but being Punjabi I do know about it. But this equipment alone can make you feel the strength of this game.

  • Perfect Puppets : Being a kid, I always wanted to play with puppets and learn to do such performances. When I saw this setup, I was lost in my childhood.

  • Old School Setup : All those times when schools used to have just one chair and students used to sit on the floor, out of the respect for their teachers.

  • Doctor : Omg! That really looked so real. The patient, doctor, helper, medicines, all are so realistic.

  • Post Office : Remember those times when there used to be a post man, whose arrival used to make us all so happy..!

  • Jewelry Shop : It was one of the cutest set-ups. It looked so real. They also had the jewelry on display.

  • Tailor : How could a village be complete without a tailor…? So, there he was, to sew villager’s clothes.

  • Gateway To The Royal Meal: The entrance alone was enough to give you an idea about the elegance of this place.

  • Other Cute Detailing : There were few more detailing to it, without them this blog would have been incomplete.

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