Irresistible Haul: Ekam 

Hola Everyone ,

We all have bought at least that one favourite fragrance candle from Ekam. I am a big fan of fragrance and Ekam is the one of the best brands when it comes to the home fragrance. They have came up with the beauty products as well. At first, I was suspicious about their products, because Come On! It is a fragrance brand, they can’t create best of the products in a first go, but I decided to give it a try anyway. But I am glad I tried it. Continue reading “Irresistible Haul: Ekam ”

Luxury Fragrance : Siddharth By MKC

I received luxury aroma diffusers from Siddharth By MKC. When it comes to the fragrances, I am very particular about it. I like something mild and flowery at the same time. I can’t tolerate the overloaded smell around me. Everybody has a different view, when it comes to fragrance choice. I received few fragrances earlier also, but those couldn’t make to my blog. Because I like to be true to my followers. Here I am reviewing first ever fragrance, which I really liked and going to stick to. Continue reading “Luxury Fragrance : Siddharth By MKC”