Cheat Day Is A Myth

Cheat day is basically a day when you can take a break from your regular strict eating or exercising habits. Your body slowly gets accustomed to a specific calories intake. The cheat days act like a shock for your body, especially if you have food in quantities larger than you usually do.

Cheat day helps your body to get reintroduced to the new set of food.

But it only makes sense for those who follow the really strict diet and the regular workout schedules. But such people have decided calories count for that too. That is again not cheating.

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  • Who Are You Exactly Cheating?

Yourself? Because, it is about your body and the amount of workout you have been doing for no one but yourself. Most of the people just use this term to enjoy their binge and overeat. Why did you diet again? To burn few calories, but again bingeing on a high amount of calories in a day, doesn’t make sense at all.

Let me remind you that at the end, its always about the calories in v/s calories out.

  • How About Enjoying The Regular Snacking?

The idea is all about enjoying your food. When you enjoy what you eat, then the chances of running from it are fewer. The more you restrict yourself, the more you will be tempted towards the not so healthy food. I don’t diet but my meals are planned. I know how many calories I eat and how I enjoy the little treats, on a daily basis.

  • How I Keep The Track Of My Calories?

It is the easiest part, I am way too lazy to do it manually and trust me, it is way too boring to do it yourself. So, I use an app which does all the work for me i.e.Bon Happetee. All I have to do is log my meals in. It’s a calorie counter app, plus the best diet app that suggests the changes to be made in my next meal.

bon happetee best diet app

  • How To Stay Motivated?

TheBon Happetee diet plan app provides 3 personalized targets every day, that helps you keep going and keeps the diet interesting and fun. If you need special attention like diabetic diet or diet for women with PCOS, this calorie tracker app will help you maintain the perfect meals for such special needs too.

bon happetee best diet app

Achieving the 3 ticks in your healthy diet for weight loss or gain is something satisfying. The daily targets vary from leaving the sugar for a day to walking the given number of steps, which is quite easy and fun. Any age group can easily participate in such fun activities because at the end the only thing that matters is health and how much you enjoyed focusing on it.

The 3 targets are dynamic based on your personal preferences in food, your end goal, age and various other factors hence no two people will have the same targets for the day.

Now that’s fun, isn’t it?

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