Scarf is the exclamation point of a fashionista

Fashion Industry is incomplete without the scarves. For me scarves are more than just an accessory, it has a power to transform your simple outfit into luxurious. I recently, came across the website They have a wide range of silk scarves with the spectacular patterns. I loved the Gold Butterfly Silk Scarf.  The quality of the scarf is so luxurious and pure. It is made up of pure silk with a neat print all over it. 

A scarf can be carried in different ways to provide you a completely different look. To keep it casual, just wrap it around the neck and you are good to go. To give it a classy look, wear it like a shrug or create a nice bow using it or just wrap it around the neck like a chocker. The options are unlimited and I have teamed it up in few ways to give you an idea. The scarf came with a attached guide on ways to wear this golden beauty. I love the way this scarf goes with most of the outfits and shades.

  • Head Scarf is always a good Idea: 

  • Wear It Like A Shrug: 

  • Wow For That Bow:

  • Belt It Up: 

Buy the scarf Here:

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