Made In India – Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana: Review

Being a Punjabi I love food. When it come to dining out, all you need is a nice ambience and the tasty food. Radisson has come up with this unique idea of providing the Indian Traditional Food in the most luxurious manner. Regional cuisines are mostly ignored, in the race of being famous. But Made In India- Radisson Blue Hotel MBD Ludhiana, turned out to be a game-changer in the food industry.  From the traditional tastes to presentation and quality everything was just perfect.


I will start from the ambience, I loved the little and perfect details it has. From the chandelier to wall highlights everything is just perfect and attractive. The pearls, as the room partition stole my heart. Made in India is on the fifth floor of Radisson and it has the rooftop pool.  I was lost in the interiors for few minutes, I couldn’t help but appreciate and capture the details.

Recently, I came to know about an event “Mumbai Chowpatty”, and I couldn’t help but try the food. As the name represents it was all about the food available on the mumbai streets. Bhelpuri, Vada Pav, everything was there and in the most traditional way.

Bhel Puri
Dora Kabab

The event was organised in the best manner with the beautiful and perfect decor including Selfie booths, live kitchen,  green menu and many more. I really loved the concept of Green Menu, providing pure vegetarian food for those who prefer separately cooked meals.

Live Kitchen
Selfie Booth


Verdict : Made In India- Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana is one of the most luxurious places to dine in. The menu and the theme keeps on changing after few days and I couldn’t help but look forward to the next regional cuisine.  I am in love with this unique concept and the food. It is already my favourite place in the whole Punjab.

Rating: 4.9/5

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