My Envy Box : June Edition 

Hey Guys!

I received this month’s My Envy Box. It is an another box of happiness. I have been using Envy box from a long time now and I couldn’t help but smile whenever I open the box of surprises. It never fails to surprise me with the range of products it contain. This month’s Envy box came up with a beautiful pool print on it. The only way to beat the heat is pool these days and I loved the way it follows the theme of the month. 

  • Vetro Power- Footwear Protection : I am going to start with my favourite product. Vetro Power Footwear Protection is an extremely powerful Nanotechnology enables protective coating for your footwear. The spray creates an invisible hydrophobic (water repellant) and self cleaning silicon dioxide coating which makes surfaces practically water-proof and stain-proof.

25 ml of Vetro Power is usually sufficient for a pair of shoes. Boots and larger footwear may require upto 50 ml.

25 ml: INR 600/-

  • Calvin Klein- Fragrance: Calvin Klein offers an exclusive range of perfumes among other luxury products. I received Eternity Intense from Calvin Klein’s range. The top notes of the perfume is floral with musky and woody base notes. The fragrance is strong and amazing and stays for around 8 hours.

  • Votre – After Sun Mist: Soothe sun-scorched skin with after Sun Mist, perfect skin balancer. It heals the burnd and excellent for after sun treatment, works to balance the skin skin and reduces the redness. This facial mist is active blend of natural botanical herbs and minerals that leaves your skin, making your skin glowing and noticeably softer. 

This is my Summer favourite product, and I am going to carry it everywhere with me.

50 ml : INR 500/-

  • Forest Essential Eladi Teenage Day Cream: Eladi day cream with SPF 30 is enriched with Mukta Pishti specially designed to regulate sebum production, balance and hydrate the skin while protecting it from environmental damage.

4 gm : INR 245/-

  • Forest Essentials- Kumkumadi Trenage Night Cream : Kumkumadi night cream is a highly effective night cream which contains powerful Ayurvedic preparations of Kumkumadikeram and Monikya (Ruby) Bhasma which helps to lighten pigmentation and clarify thr skin.

4 gms: INR 264/-

  • Essence- Nail Paint:  Essence Colour & Go nail paint has gel-shine finish with highly intensive shine and an extremely short drying time for perfectly polished nails in a flash.

100 ml : INR 850/-

Shade : 104 Sweet As Candy

  • Essence- Eyeshadow: The essence popular mono eyeshadows are available in vibrant shades and ensure color highlights on your eyelids.

2.5 gm : INR 199/-

Shade: 79 Lola Petrola

Verdict : The brands of this month were really awesome and the Votre brand is new to me but the products are really unique, I am really impressed with the collection of different products from different brands in a single box. My Envy Box always impresses me with its lovely products. 

Rating: 4.6/5


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