Go Floral This Summer

This season florals are going to rock. Floral prints are so refreshing, you can pair them up with plain top or you can just go complete floral with the printed dress. From the bags to shoes, you name it and florals have already made to it. Most of the celebrities are already rocking this refreshing look. Let us take a look at Oh! So Cool Floral Trends and how to wear them. 

  • Floral Top : Pair up your regular jeans, shorts with the floral top for the refreshing casual look.

  • Floral Playsuits : When it come to the summer, the most comfortable dress is playsuit. When we look at the floral playsuits, they are so cute and classy at the same time.

  • Floral Bottoms: Printed trousers or embroidered jeans? Choice is all yours. But I want both this season. They are so tempting.

  • Floral Maxi: Summer look is incomplete without a maxi. From long slit to deep neck just pair it with the minimal jewelry for the best of the look.

  • Classy Crop Top: Pair the floral crop top with your simple wide leg trouser for the fashionista inside you. Or you can go all floral.

  • Elegant Embroidery : Floral embroidery is my favorite. The stunning look it gives to your dresses is just spectacular.

  • Embroidered Top: It’s a big yes….!!!!

  • Floral Maxi Skirt: Just pair up your regular tee with maxi skirt and you are good to slay.

  • Floral Shrug: Give your casual look a nice twist with these floral shrugs. They are surely gonna give a classy vibe.

  • Floral Beachwear : Beachwear with the floral print is so refreshing and attractive. I am so gonna buy one for myself. Time to rock the beach look.

  • Floral Footwears : Look is always incomplete without a pair of nice footwear. But, you can’t get enough of it when it’s floral.

  • Access To Floral Accessories : Right selection of an accessory can completely change your look. Floral watches, Jewelry or bags are enough to transform the casuals to classy.

  • Floral Nails :  How could we forget about the nails…??? Nail art has to be changed according to the latest trends.  These nail designs are so going to make you fix your appointment at salon.

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